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We believe in providing a workplace that reflects our values. Our commitment to CSR doesn’t stop with farmers and employees. It applies to every aspect of our business operations.

    We strive to embody the future landscape of corporate social responsibility in food production. In addition to our company standards, we use "For Life" policies to help implement mutually beneficial practices.

    Meet the Family

    At ORIGINE our team is a family and one of our most valuable assets. We support policies that create a socially responsible environment where everyone is excited to produce great work. Providing fair compensation and strict safety measures are important at ORIGINE. We encourage personal and professional development and provide ample opportunity for growth.

    Taking care of our community

      Supporting our People

      At the end of the day, it’s people that are the foundation of all business. This means that nurturing our employees physical and mental wellbeing is an important part of our sustainability values. From yoga sessions under our beautiful eco-friendly atrium to English lessons and beach cleanups, we take every opportunity to give back to our people.

      Strengthen from within

      We host company outings at our Indonesian and U.S. bases to celebrate the awesome work done by our employees. Throughout the year we engage our people in team building exercises. This provides an opportunity for collaboration and learning that drives team members to produce better results and take ownership of their success.

      We have much more to share

      Check out our blog to get the latest on our progressive sustainability programs, employee initiatives, healthy living ideas, and more. Subscribe to our mailing list and you’ll be the first to know about our exciting new product releases. Don’t be shy in the comments section, we’d love to hear from you!


      For over 25 years we have developed strong and lasting relationships built on trust and mutual understanding. ORIGINE supports the wellbeing and livelihoods of the farmers and communities
 we operate in. Open lines of communication and collective bargaining are very important in maintaining our business model. Because we operate at origin we can respond to each other’s needs very quickly.

      We make sure to ask the needs of the community and provide what we can when able. This includes anything from providing organic seedlings and healthcare to aiding in the construction of warehouses. We uphold international human rights standards as well as specifications required by the Indonesian government.

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      T.E.A. Foundation

      We launched our foundation in 2015 to create awareness of social and ecological well-being in the communities we operate in. We allocate funds to T.E.A. social and environmental projects based on a deep understanding of local communities, producer needs, and global Sustainable Development Goals.

      Our community-led fair trade committee elected to put part of the fair trade premium fund towards purchasing and distributing cinnamon seedlings. T.E.A. replanted over 100 percent of the cinnamon we harvested in 2017.

      T.E.A. Foundation

      We know that together, anything is possible. Origine cultivates relationships with people whose mission is aligned with ours. Building a network of people with a shared vision is the foundation of a strong community. Founded by Joey Moscovitch, JHA FUND is a non-profit NGO that addresses health, environmental issues, and economic freedom through education in Antalaha, Madagascar. The unique and rare biodiversity of Madagascar is continually threatened by deforestation. JHA FUND combats environmental destruction through its adopt a tree program and by encouraging other avenues of revenue generation.

      In Madagascar leprosy is still a thriving disease that hinders the everyday life of the friends and family members of those who have contracted the chronic illness. With greater access to health care and education, the people of Antalaha are able to reach previously unavailable economic opportunities Click here to learn more about the amazing work done by JHA FUND.