We firmly believe you can successfully run a food business while treading lightly on the environment. From packaging to planting, sustainability is always on our mind.


We support the wellbeing and livelihoods of the farmers and the communities we operate in. Long term relationships are built on trust and mutual understanding.

Regenerative agriculture is key to the future of sustainable food. It combines responsible land management with soil and water rehabilitation in a holistic farming approach that mirrors nature's self regulating abilities.

Regenerative agriculture is reported to have the power of reversing effects of climate change.  As advocates of this farming method we promote its long term beneficial impact on not only the environment but the economic success of small farmers.   

We organize and support small farmer networks to practice regenerative agriculture, mixed cropping, agroforestry, and integrated pest management through education and training. 

It is important to us to invest in the communities we operate in through social programs, training, and infrastructure. We are in it for the long hall. The success of our farmers is our success. 

Many people don't know that the cinnamon or vanilla in their baked goods is produced on small family plots of land. These ingredients are only grown in limited areas around the world. Small farmers are the backbone of our business.

Committing to standard pricing is key to the livelhood of small farmers and protects their long term success against the volatility of the markets. Floor pricing gives farmers the peace of mind that their crops will be purchased for fair wages. 


Our dedication to customers, staff, and community keeps us focused on producing the best quality and looking for opportunities to better support our people.


If we don't get it right now, the future of food and heritage farming is in jeopardy. For a better tomorrow, we invest in the longevity of our business, farmers, and partnerships 

Quality is our middle name! Being on the ground with our farmers and producing at origin gives us the ability oversee our products from soil to finished good. Our support short supply chain allows us to keep quality at the forefront.  

Our approach to wellness is holistic but it all starts with mindfully grown ingredients. We make make products that are good for people and the planet. 


The health and resilience of the communities we operate are essential to our success. We provide seedlings to our farmers for use in mixed cropping to diversify their income and increase household consumption of healthy foods.

Culture has many meanings for us at origine. We strive to preserve culture in our small farmer communities and we also hope to continue to support a culture of quality and sustainability.

Our focus is the long term health of our business and food systems. This means investing in our farmers, communities, and staff to create a profitable business that can withstand the test of time while fulfilling needs.


We partner with organizations who are doing good work to practice sustainability, support farmers, and are in it for the greater good.