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Our foragers have an intimate relationship with the land, sometimes spanning generations. There is a story behind every scoop of vanilla ice cream or finishing sprinkle of cinnamon. Let's meet some of the people responsible for bringing you the best nature has to offer.

Claude - Forager

Flores, Indonesia

Claude Bernard, father of Origine founders Francois and Olivier Bernard, shows how a French family came to develop a lasting bond with Indonesia through a shared respect for joy and nature. Claude has joined the Origine team on a new adventure to lead the development of a sustainable plantation and curing facility on Flores to help bring Indonesian vanilla back on the map! 



Yohana - Forager

Flores, Indonesia

 Yohana has studied agriculture, and she joined Origine to implement what she's learned in the community where she came from. Her positive energy and how she interacts with certified foragers is invaluable for the success of our sustainable agriculture projects in Flores. It is important for her to ensure that the foragers are using organic practices to keep the environment safe for themselves and their families.


Field officers like Yohana are the beating heart of ORIGINE.

Boro - Vanilla

Flores, Indonesia

 Boro lives in the Flores area and tells his memories of vanilla with enthusiasm. As a child, his grandfather often invited him to the garden to help take care of vanilla. Unfortunately, the sweet memories of the 80's were tarnished by the work of the middlemen who deceived farmers.

As a result, vanilla prices fell in 2005. Farmers were uninterested in maintaining vanilla. However, since ORIGINE involvement in the area, vanilla farmers are inspired to care for the delicate orchids once again. ORIGINE strongly supports the application of intercropping farming systems which are very suitable for the Flores region and of social and economic interest to local farmers. With the right system, farmers in the Boro’s community can optimize their production. 

Boro, at the top of this page posting for a photo with his typical smile and welcoming nature, explained that his two daughters continue school thanks to the inheritance of his grandfather's vanilla.


Natsir - Cinnamon

Sumatra, Indonesia

 Since 1920, Natsir’s family has farmed cassia cinnamon. His parents taught him that cinnamon is an investment for grandchildren. Natsir explained that in his culture, cinnamon plants must be on the land of families with children. This is because cinnamon is considered as capital when the child is an adult. This tradition aligns with the growing cycles of cinnamon trees which take 15 years to mature for harvest.

In collaboration with ORIGINE, cinnamon farmers like Natsir are committed to preserving their customs for the success of future generations and the preservation of cinnamon production .

Dominggus - nutmeg

Sulawesi, Indonesia

Dominggus speaks of how important nutmeg is to the development of North Sulawesi, Maluku, and surrounding areas. History records that in the 17th century the price of nutmeg exceeded the price of gold. This fact made European immigrants willing to sail the seas in search of this treasure in Indonesia. Some of his nutmeg trees are over 25 years old and are the main source of income for his family.

Together with ORIGINE, Dominggus and other farmers are committed to producing quality nutmeg while maintaining sustainability.

Paidi - turmeric

Central Java, Indonesia

Paidi was handed down turmeric plots from his family's land. He believes turmeric is not only uniquely suited for cultivation in his community but is beneficial for health. Paidi plants the turmeric rhizomes at the beginning of the rainy season and harvesting is done during the dry season. The dry season is very arid where Paidi lives. Only turmeric and teak plants survive.

Since collaborating with ORIGINE, Paidi has felt the benefits of becoming an organic turmeric farmer. In addition to gaining benefits from higher pricing, Paidi is happy to have the opportunity to directly protect and preserve nature.

Yatno - ginger

Central Java, Indonesia

Ginger farmer Yatno was happy to start work with ORIGINE. He explained that previously ginger roots were neglected and left to the wild. As an administrator of an orphanage, Yatno struggled with how to obtain additional income for his foundation. Luckily, we had the opportunity to partner with Yatno. He now uses the foundation's land to cultivate organic ginger. Yatno and the orphans were excited to learn about organic ginger cultivation methods from ORIGINE.

We are always on the lookout to support farmers like Yatno whose business has a social impact on the surrounding community .

Eva - cloves

Sulawesi, Indonesia

The 1970's were the heyday for the cloves of North Sulawesi. Eva relates that the good days ended in the 80’s and 90's due to the government's monopoly policy. During these times, even sending children to school was difficult. Now, the price of cloves has improved again.

ORIGINE upholds the principles of fair trade and cultivating lasting relationships in every effort so farmers like Eva can continue to care for clove plants. ORIGINE’s internal standard NFC (Nature, Future, Culture) supports the long-term success of farmers by making it easier for them to develop sustainable agriculture activities in stages.

Sunny - moringa

Flores, Indonesia

Sunny is a moringa farmer but also an active member of a foundation that supports the empowerment of mothers. She teaches local communities how to cultivate organic vegetables and promotes a healthy diet. Moringa is a local vegetable in her village. It is boiled in soups and considered a dietary supplement.

ORIGINE is developing a partnership with the villages to sustainably produce organic moringa in this region of Indonesia where it is best grown.