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Tongkat Ali+ Awaken is inspired by Jamu, ancient Javanese healing infusions of plant-based ingredients and wellness wisdom. Our elixirs are consciously crafted with premium traceable ingredients sourced directly from origin.

Each raw ingredient contributes a unique benefit. Combined they create a special synergy that works to balance the system.

Tongkat Ali an adaptogen promoted for regulating testosterone, improving mood and stamina

Butterfly Pea is said to be a nootropic, boosting cognitive function

Black Pepper anti-bacterial and warming

Enhance focus

Uplift mind and body

Elevate performance


Ingredients: Water, Butterfly Pea Extract, Lime Juice, Pineapple Concentrate, Tongkat Ali Extract, Black Pepper Extract


Serving: Shakeup all that natural goodness and enjoy the full bottle. Best served chilled but it makes a tasty warm beverage too!

Storage: Refrigerate after opening and consume within 4 days.